About Us

iSmartOffice™ is fully customizable dental practice management system that allows dental practice owners to manage their practice whether it is a single office or multi-offices. Multiple locations as well as multiple type of users (office manager, doctor, front desk, chairside, etc) can be defined with certain level of access.

Based on years of development and research in the area of dental practice management software, iSmartOffice™ incorporates seven of the most critical aspects of dental practice management. From various products were analyzed and the most essential features were compiled to become iSmartOffice™. As an inexpensive, condensed and easy to use software, iSmartOffice™ is the perfect solution for a new start up dental office or an established office converting to digital records.

iSmartOffice™ runs using Microsoft SQL server database allowing enormous amount of data expandability and flexibility. Using the latest up to date Microsoft DOT.NET framework makes future growth easier.