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Treatment Records and Charting

iSmartOffice™ Treatment Log System allows the doctor to write and store progress or treatment notes with ease. Create custom note templates using ADA codes or any user-defined codes to record treatment notes with just a few clicks. Clinical notes are time stamped and stored in the patient chart for quick retrieval.

Treatment charting and imaging information are stored in the patient file. Access procedures and documentation can be made within patient notes.

Scheduling and Billing

As the doctor chart treatments, iSmartOffice™ frontdesk module can be used by the front desk personnel to prepare the patient for check-out including billing and scheduling next appointment.

Flexible, calendar look, scheduling module, makes scheduling easy. With only few clicks following clear steps, front desk can easily schedule patients while knowing the patient balance as well as his or her next appointment time.


Digital Imaging is extremely convenient with iSmartOffice™. All of the digital images (photographs and radiographs) are organized and stored in the Digital Image Organizer (DIO) module of iSmartOffice™ and neatly displayed.


iSmartOffice insurance pre-authorization module will be able to help your office in creating insurance estimates for treatment plan presentations and patient portions collected at the time of service provides an immediate solution for cash flow productivity.

Time spent handwriting insurance paper form is over. iSmartOffice insurance claim ADA form will expedite the insurance claim with only few clicks.

Inventory Control

iSmartOffice™ inventory control helps managed the supplies and ordering of your office inventory. Using the principle of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and warehousing, automatic alerts will be generated on inventories/supplies which are running low.

PatientCheckin System

Check-in to check-out, iSmartOffice™ Self PatientCheckin System provides everything needed to make the front office function with ease. Work with touch screen and large display, iSmartOffice™ will provide a streamline check-in/check-out system.


At the end of day, there is still work to do. iSmartOffice™ will assist you with completing that work as quickly as possible. There are several financial reporting features that will make your work load easier to access, organize and manage with just a few clicks of your mouse. By cutting down on paperwork, there is less clutter to sort through.